Woe is the business traveller: How he keeps himself happy

The modern business traveller has a lot to worry about. No longer are we talking about the all-expense paid-for, high salary with every inch covered by their company when we say the word expat. Gone are the expensive car rentals, big salaries and PAs that shadow their every step.

The modern expat is left to fend on his own. From getting his job done, to finding his way in a foreign country and to adapting to the local culture. Here some are things he faces, and how can he keep happy in spite of them.

Jetlag & travel disorientation.

The frequent flyer may experience jet lag and travel disorientation. It takes about a day for our bodies to adjust from 1 timezone to another, so if you’re travelling across multiple time zones, you’ll have a longer adjustment period.

The direction that you’re travelling in matters. To prepare for this before the trip, follow these steps – if you’re travelling eastward towards Singapore, start sleeping earlier and waking up earlier. Expose yourself to light (whether natural or artificial) early as well.

Whereas if you’re travelling westward, sleep later and wake up later as well. Expose yourself to light at dusk and in the evening to adjust your body clock.

The timing’s important as well – if you’re starting your trip at night and due to arrive in Singapore in the day, limit your light exposure throughout the trip, and gradually expose yourself towards more light once you’ve reached here. Do it gradually, as a rapid exposure might exhaust your body.

If you’re doing the opposite – beginning your travel in the morning from the country you were in and due to arrive in Singapore at night, expose yourself to as much light as possible and slowly cut off the exposure once you’ve arrived.

Stress from work.

Your workload is rarely offset by the time spent travelling – more often than not workload grows as you travel. Unanswered emails in your inbox and an ever-mounting workload can add to the stress faced by any business traveller. The expat must learn how to manage his time, taking into consideration travel time and recovery.

Other than that, getting adequate sleep and exercising regularly are integral to alleviating stress.

Loneliness & Isolation from travelling.

Travelling can be lonely and isolating experience, especially if you have to go on business trips on your own. Make sure to reconnect with loved ones, technology is always a reliable friend. Use Skype or internet voice calls like Discord to speak to your loved ones back at home. Be sociable, and make friends with the people around you or hang out with colleagues after work.

The hassle of finding the right accommodation.

The expat now has to look for accommodation, with a lot of essential considerations to pick the perfect place. Is the serviced apartment spacious? Or do the photos online tell a different tale? Is it a simple check-in process? Or is he going to have trouble getting into his own serviced apartment? Is it easily accessible? Or is he going to wait for an Uber every single day?

High-speed internet connection is another one, the expat has to be connected with the rest of the world to conduct his business, or to reconnect with loved ones back at home.

Location is another such factor, is the commute between his office and serviced apartment lengthy? Are there places of interest nearby?

He’s also thinking about stuff to do while he’s in his apartment as well. Is there a gym or a swimming pool to unwind in after work? Or even a tennis court?

But most importantly, is this within his budget?

All these seem woeful to the modern business traveller, but what if he had someone to care of his business travel needs for him?