Long-Term Living Made Easy: Top 5 Benefits of Serviced Apartment Rentals in Singapore

Finding a home away from home is made easier with a serviced apartment rental in Singapore.

With swanky rooms and big-name brands, hotels are usually the first choice of accommodation for business travellers and holidaymakers in new cities. However, serviced apartments have increasingly become popular for individuals planning extended stays in Singapore. Not only do these apartments offer guests a home away from home with all the comforts, but also a range of amenities and services for a hassle-free stay. As a reliable provider of serviced apartments and Singapore co-living spaces MetroResidences offers some of the best serviced apartments across Singapore.

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What Makes Serviced Apartments Unique?

Serviced apartments in Singapore mostly come fully furnished, just like a typical home. These apartments offer ample living spaces that make it possible to work and live comfortably. Most even come with a fully-equipped kitchen with all the necessary equipment. The bedrooms of most serviced apartments (at least for ours) feature comfortable queen beds and a work desk. All that comes without the hassle of buying a new home and the benefits of a flexible lease. That’s why business travellers, expats, and students often look to serviced apartments as their top option for long-term accommodation.

Top 5 Benefits of Serviced Apartments in Singapore

Serviced apartments offer you the opportunity to basically rent a fully-furnished home in a foreign country. As a cost-savvy accommodation option, serviced apartments have transformed the real estate industry in Singapore. Guests can now live comfortably in a foreign city just like they would in their own homes. Let’s have a look at the top 5 benefits of serviced apartment rentals in Singapore.

MetroResidences - Expat Life - singapore serviced apartments - Benefits of Serviced Singapore condo rental

1. Convenience and Flexibility

One of the greatest benefits of Singapore serviced apartments is that they have something for everyone. Whether you are here on your own or with family, MetroResidences have an apartment that will make you feel at home away from home. With a Singapore serviced apartment, you get a fully furnished unit that comes with all the necessary amenities. This allows you to move in hassle-free without having to purchase new furniture or move old furniture. MetroResidences also gives you the flexibility of leasing serviced apartments at an affordable cost for the duration of your stay in Singapore. You can choose either Singapore condo rentals or HBD flats depending on the number of rooms you want. While a 1- to 4- bedroom serviced apartment is ideal for expat families, most students and digital nomads should consider a 1-bedroom apartment or a studio for rent instead.

Not to mention, with flexible leases, the leases can be as short as three months, rather than the usual one or two-year leases. Rarely do real estate agents provide short-term leases that are shorter than six months. Plus, you can opt-in weekly or monthly housekeeping services too.

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2. Cost-Effectiveness

Singapore services apartments are more cost-effective compared to traditional stays. At only a fraction of the cost, you get more space, amenities, and a homely environment. With rental rates in Singapore at a record high, serviced apartments are now considered an affordable alternative housing option.

When booking a serviced apartment, you can determine the cost depending on the location and number of rooms. For instance, you can choose an apartment with different rooms if you are on a budget. This is often a great option for guests who co-live, but still get enough privacy. You may be coming to Singapore as two couples, or a couple and a single guest looking for shared spaces. With this option, every group will have their own private room even though they share certain amenities within the apartment. The Singapore coliving arrangement gives you more value for money when staying as a group compared to what you would have spent booking multiple hotel rooms

A typical hotel room in Singapore is 240 Sq Ft. This is substantially smaller than a typical 1-bedroom serviced apartment that ranges between 400 Sq Ft and 800 Sq Ft. Consequently, serviced apartments are more comfortable and offer better living conditions. A group of friends on their tertiary studies or business traveller will save a lot more money by booking a serviced apartment that can accommodate everyone instead of separate hotel rooms.

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3. Home-Like Atmosphere

Serviced apartments in Singapore are designed to resemble your home. The apartment rental Singapore sector has grown to a point where guests can get the exact components they consider essential in a home. The apartments are designed to give you more autonomy, privacy, and a homely feeling.

The access to a variety of services and amenities makes long-term guests feel comfortable and at ease during their extended stay. Whether you are looking for a short-term service apartment rental Singapore or moving into the country for the long term, a serviced apartment will make your stay worthwhile.

The bigger floor space can accommodate larger groups of guests like friends and families who wish to stay longer periods. With ample independent space within the apartment, you get separate living, dining, and sleep areas for utmost privacy and comfort. With no need to transport your furniture, settling in is also immediate.

If you’re a parent, you do not have to worry about your kids being bored when you are working. Most serviced Singapore condo rentals allow you access to a plethora of amentities and facilities in the condo. The kids can spend their time in outdoor playgrounds, kids’ pools, or indoor playrooms. When you are in the mood for a date night, some of the properties also come with babysitting services.

MetroResidences - Expat Life - singapore serviced apartments - Benefits of Serviced Apartment Rentals in Singapore

4. Prime Locations

In most cities, serviced apartments are often close to the heat of the action. They offer easy access to public transportation, as well as a whole host of urban infrastructure. MetroResidences offer convenient locations too. Be it in the East or the West, MetroResidences offer serviced apartments across Singapore.

For example, serviced apartments in Farrer Park will be close to the central business district and iconic landmarks, ensuring that you are in the centre of the action. You can enjoy all of Farrer Park’s hidden gems, including Loop Garms, Ramabear Thai Mart, Heartroom Gallery, and more. Healthcare facilities, top educational institutions, and leisure activities are also easily within your reach.

If you book a serviced apartment near Clarke Quay, you get all the benefits of being a tourist in Singapore, while still having your own space. From the vibrancy of nightlife, bars, and restaurants to stunning waterfront views, the location is perfect for creating new memories. Other readily available amenities include kids’ facilities, meeting rooms, and lounge areas.

For those who truly want to live the high life, consider our serviced apartment rentals at V on Shenton and Robinson Suites. Our Singapore apartment rentals at V on Shenton lets you experience the dynamism of the Central Business District with its location on Shenton Way. At Robinson Suites, you get to live just across from the famed hawker centre Lau Pa Sat, where you can have your satay cravings satisfied whenever you want to.

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5.Work-from-Home Convenience

Singapore serviced apartments provide an ideal setting for remote work. With designated working spaces and high-speed Wi Fi connectivity, serviced apartments allow digital nomads to be more productive. The fully-furnished apartments provide a calm and friendly environment for working online. You will have a working desk to keep your job in check and an equipped kitchen to cook healthier meals, which is something you cannot get from regular hotel rooms. Furthermore, MetroResidences goes the extra mile by matching your specific needs with the right apartment.

Instead of going for a room for rent, digital nomads can do more in serviced apartments. If you will be moving a lot during your stay in Singapore, you can consider serviced apartments near MRT stations. Get to experience some of the most unique and integrated developments in Singapore, with futurist designs like the Bugis demonstrating the country’s spirit of innovation. The apartments also come with 24-hour non-intrusive onsite security to give you complete peace of mind.


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