Looking For Reliable Accommodation Alternatives Near Business Hubs?

Singapore is often touted as a great place to carry out business activities. According to Forbes’ it also ranks at #12 for their list of best countries to do business. Packed with comprehensive infrastructures, Singapore is a world-class business hub for Asia and the rest of the world.

What are business hubs?

Business hubs, or sometimes also referred to as business parks, are demarcated areas for companies that engage in research and technology intensive activities. These businesses include telecommunications, data-focused services, and other less capital intensive businesses. With ever increasing numbers of companies coming here to set up, the business environment and support infrastructures here are set to become even more developed.

Why work at business hubs in Singapore?

Apart from being within an ecosystem of competent multinational companies, there are several other practical benefits of working within one. As alternatives to prime office areas, these business hubs are primarily used to facilitate the setting up of businesses and hence, companies here can enjoy lower costs of rent.

Furthermore, many of these business hubs are located within close proximity to housing estates around Singapore. This ensures that both employees and employers can enjoy quicker commuting times from home!

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Mapletree Business City.

Image Source: Mapletree Business City

Located in Singapore’s Alexandra precinct, Mapletree Business City (MBC) is a mega business hub spanning hectares of land. The business city is not only a well-developed area but it also features many green and energy saving technologies to ensure sustainable business practices. This is a unique business park that incorporates modern elements into the vicinity.

More than just a business park, the MBC also houses many gym facilities and public art installations for the enjoyment of workers. These amenities and facilities ensure that the MBC is more than just a business park, but instead, a fully integrated solution for companies to work in. Mapletree Business City 2 is also the home of Google’s headquarters here in Singapore!

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Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

This expansive development houses some of the best research facilities and companies that devote their work to science and technology. The cluster is designed to support the growth of in industries like technology, engineering, pharmaceuticals and biomedical sciences. The cluster contains smaller business parks like Mediapolis and Fusionopolis.

Fusionopolis is also home to the famous Sandcrawler, Lucasfilm’s headquarter of Singapore designed in the shape of the spaceship used in his Star Wars film! Furthermore, this business cluster is in close proximity to the National University of Singapore (NUS), Asia’s leading university where research and studies are also carried out on a regular basis.

Corporate Serviced Apartments to consider:

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Changi Business Park.

Moving towards the eastern regions of Singapore, the Changi Business Park is a complex filled with some of the world’s biggest technology companies like IBM and also banking and financial institutions like Citibank. The Changi Business Park also holds contains unique District Cooling System which is an energy efficient system for commercial spaces with the purposes of air-conditioning, space and water heating.

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CleanTech Park.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

What sets CleanTech Park apart from the other business hubs is its focus on the environment and sustainability. In efforts to reduce their footprints, CleanTech Park has been developed as an eco-friendly business park that aims to integrate the natural environment around it as much as possible. Many companies that work here focus on clean energy and technology, with some engaging in water treatment research and technologies with the world-class Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

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Getting started.

Business hubs are continuously being developed for even more capabilities to attract companies within the next couple of years outside of the Central Business District (CBD). At MetroResidences, we are constantly sourcing for more corporate apartments located near established and establishing business hubs.

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