Top 5 Smart Home Gadgets Every Jetsetter Needs—All Under $300

Be it if you're a business traveler or a digital nomad, here are some nifty smart home gadgets that you can take wherever you go.

It’s hard to live without all the fancy gizmos, especially when you’ve gotten used to having it around. After all, the internet of things is already a part of our living spaces and working spaces. But not all of them are easy to carry around. As the world opens up again and the digital nomad lifestyle becomes ever more popular, there is plenty of smart home tech in the market for the well-heeled. These smart home gadgets below are perfect for the nomadic lifestyle. They not only have excellent features, but it’s easy to pack them up.

1. Botslab 360 Robot Vacuum Cleaner – $170.90 (Promo Price)

This robot vacuum cleaner packs a punch, even if it’s below $300. You can control it via the app, even if you’re not home. It comes with a mop, a filtration system that protects wood and tile floors. One of its coolest additional features is its one-touch power-up technology, which allows for an extra deep clean.

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2. Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen) – $139 (Free Delivery!)

Released in November 2021, this is the culmination of Google’s excellent smart home technology, with plenty of additional features on top of its function as a smart home controller. For its second iteration, it comes with an updated near-borderless display, enhanced speakers, and built-in thread radio. This is truly a must-have for any smart home.

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3. Kodak Cherish Baby Plus C525P – $299

 Yep, you read that right. Kodak has since expanded into other industries. The company even planned to head into pharmaceuticals in light of COVID-19. For this Kodak’s baby monitor, its design allows the camera to tilt and pan at wider angles. That way, you can always keep a good eye on your precious child. With extended range and wi-fi connectivity, you can still have a high-definition video and audio feed, even when you’re traveling.

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4. Eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan & Tilt P24 – $109.90

Even mobile professionals and digital professionals might need to leave for the office once in a while. For peace of mind, consider investing in this indoor home security camera. It’s filled with excellent features that are usually reserved for pricier models. It boasts 2K video, automatic motion tracking, sound and motion detection, and it works with Amazon’s Alexa, the Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant. It’s no wonder it’s gotten rave reviews from PCMag.

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5. Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro – $253.90

You’ll never have to worry about leaving your Singapore condo rental or serviced apartment ever again. It has a hassle-free design, consisting of a complete lock assembly that can replace both interior and exterior lock components, as well as components like the deadbolt, strike, and latch. There are additional features too, such as built-in wi-fi, a sensor that indicates if the door is open or closed, and integration with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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