The Ultimate Guide to Long-Term Hotel Stays in Singapore

Plan ahead to maximise your experience in the Lion City

Unlike planning a vacation, a long-term hotel stay requires a totally different approach. Because it’s not just about the million-dollar views of Marina Bay or the proximity to popular tourist attractions. Looking for a long-term hotel stay in Singapore requires careful consideration. Hotel fees, housekeeping, accessibility, dry cleaning—the list goes on. You can simply search for the best extended-stay hotels in Singapore on Google. But sometimes, a swanky business hotel at a prime location or the Central Business District won’t cut it all the time. Here’s how to navigate long-stay hotels in Singapore for your next business trip.

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Understanding the Landscape of Long-Term Hotel Stays

The rental jargon in Singapore can get a little confusing. For some, a ‘long-term’ stay refers to periods of time that are more than a week or two. But in Singapore’s rental market, a long-term stay may be longer than 3 months, the minimum period that rental contracts can last. So only hotels and serviced apartments with specific extended stay licenses can rent extended stays for less than 3 months. Short-term rental platforms like Airbnb are still banned in Singapore.

Why is that so? Laws regulating short-term rentals came on the back of a 61 per cent rise in complaints regarding short-term rentals between 2015 and 2016. Private homeowners felt that short-term rentals could let unruly tenants into private developments. That’s why Singapore condo rentals often have lease lasting over 6 months.

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Discounts for Extended Stays at Singapore Hotels

You might already be balking at the nightly prices as you search for long term hotel stays in Singapore. But before you pick a budget hotel that won’t suit your needs and wants, keep a lookout for extended stay discounts from Singapore serviced apartments and hotels. More often than not, the longer you stay, the deeper the discount. Even Shangri-La has a special rates for 30-day or 14-day bookings.

And that’s not all. Some of these special packages have perks beyond the complimentary breakfast. Busy business travelers will find relief as these packages often include laundry services, complimentary Wi-Fi (a necessity at this point), access to sister hotels across Singapore, and facility access for hotel guests. Some extended-stay hotels also offer daily shuttle services and concierge services for guests. You might even be able to get great discounts on the exquisite cafes and restaurants within the hotel as well. 

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3 Simple Steps to Plan Your Long-Term Hotel Stay in Singapore

1. Define Your Stay: Needs and Budget

Before you get blinded by all the bright lights of the glittering hotels and serviced apartments of Singapore, take a moment to reflect on what you need. What are your priorities? Do you need to be close to the various business districts of Singapore? do you want to imbibe yourself with the history and architecture of a heritage shophouse? Can you afford the longer commute time if you stay in a vibrant neighbourhood? Or does your budget allow you for a more central location in the city?

By answering all these questions, you can build a compass that will cut through all the noise for you.

2. The Right Location: Your Home Away From Home

At this point, who doesn’t want to stay at Orchard Road, Clarke Quay, or Marina Bay? But it may be wise to look at extended-stay hotels in the other neighbourhoods of Singapore that are just as dynamic and exciting. You can find Singapore’s coolest boutique hotel and serviced apartments in neighbourhoods like Farrer Park or River Valley.

Don’t forget, just because it’s a central location doesn’t mean it’s a convenient location. There are business districts in both East Singapore and West Singapore as well. So do check with your employer about where your office will be in before you book your long term hotel stay in Singapore. 

3. Review of Lease Agreements for Hidden Costs

The devil is in the details. While most extended-stay hotels include the perks as part of the lease, some may have additional fees for amenities or services. So before you sign on the dotted line, take a closer look at your lease agreement for hidden costs.

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Consider Serviced Apartments for Long-Term Stays in Singapore

The modern nomad is a mobile one. After all, the world changes on a dime. In fact, some providers of long-term hotel stays are gradually entering the realm of serviced apartments, infusing more diversity into the long term accommodation rental scene in Singapore.

So if you’re staying for over 3 months in Singapore, consider a serviced apartment for your home away from home. More often than not, you get to enjoy premium living spaces at affordable monthly rental rates. And that’s where we come in. At MetroResidences, we strive to provide a seamless experience for private accommodation rentals in Singapore for long stays.

The MetroResidences Advantage

1. Unparalleled Flexibility

In an ever-changing world, we understand the dynamic nature of digital nomads and business travellers. Unlike traditional leases with rigid terms, we offer leases spanning 3, 6, and 9 months. This adaptability ensures your stay aligns with your evolving plans without the weight of long-term commitments. Now, you can lead the life that you want, no matter where it takes you.

2. Diverse Living Spaces: Co-Living to Luxury Condos

All our journeys are different, but we’re prepared for any path you take. We have a wide range of serviced accommodations in Singapore. Whether you need a room rental or a whole unit for rent in Singapore, we’ve got you covered. Our repertoire covers Singapore condo rentals in the city fringe, studio apartments in the trendiest neighbourhoods, co-living rooms in the heartlands, and more. All you need to do is to tell us what you need.

Not to mention, all our furnished apartments and accommodation rentals in Singapore come with exquisite, thoughtfully-curated living spaces. All our Singapore serviced apartments come with laundry appliances and facilities, high-speed Wi-Fi and cush furnishings. Unlike most hotel rooms, most of our serviced apartments come with fully-equipped kitchens too.

3. Customer Service Excellence and On-Hand Maintenance

You’d have the most authentic experience in Singapore with MetroResidences. Our responsive customer service will ensure a stress-free stay for you, no matter how long it is. Our excellent customer service and on-hand maintenance staff, ensuring that any concerns are addressed swiftly. Whether it’s a billing issue or extending your stay, we’ll be ready for you.