Is your apartment really clean? Discover our CleanPlus Certification

CleanPlus Certified badges are featured only on apartment listings that were cleaned according to the set standards.

Seen this disgusting video before?

In this video, an investigative journalist carried out an investigation to see if hotels truly followed through on their promise of putting hygiene and cleanliness as their top priority.

Spoiler alert – they didn’t.

It is hotels like these, no matter how many stars they have, that bring down the reputation of honest hoteliers, accommodation and serviced residences providers. Especially in the middle of a pandemic, it’s crucial to pay extra attention and care to ensure a room or home is as clean as can be.

As part of our Covid-19 Care initiative, we’ve introduced a CleanPlus cleaning & hygiene standard – a set of cleaning and disinfecting standards, taking into consideration advisories and guidelines set by government bodies and healthcare experts. CleanPlus Certified badges are featured only on apartment listings that were cleaned according to the set standards.

Don’t miss the bright magenta badge on our listings cleaned according to CleanPlus cleaning standards! Read more here on our latest CleanPlus Certification

The MetroResidences housekeeping teams have been trained to implement disinfection protocols across all apartments upon check-out. Apartments will include information on COVID-19 prevention, as well as measures taken by MetroResidences to maintain a safe and clean space for guests. With us, it’s not difficult to find truly clean apartments.

How do we do it? By adopting the industry’s best practices, years of experience and attention to detail!

Frequently Handled Items

TV remote controls, wall switches and doorknobs are just a few places often overlooked when cleaning the house.

From the experience of cleaning literally hundreds of homes and apartments in the last few years, our seasoned in-house housekeeping staff can recite the list of items and areas to clean faster than Eminem in 8 mile.

Beautiful apartment just walking distance away from MRT stations and close to River Valley and Orchard Road. See more here.

No two homes are the same, especially when they all come in different shapes and sizes. If a room has (an estimated) twenty of these high-touch surfaces, a house with 3 or more rooms will have almost a hundred of these points!

House cleaning doesn’t sound as easy as it is anymore, innit? Leave it to our professional cleaners to live with peace of mind.

A Properly Outfitted Arsenal

‘Knowing’ and ‘Doing’ are two entirely separate things.

How do you clean surfaces without spreading dirt and germs to other surfaces? Do you follow a clockwise direction when wiping? Is there a standard operating procedure? Is there a difference between different brand cleaning agents?

In healthcare institutions, especially hospitals, there are guidelines and best practices on how to properly clean rooms and disinfect surfaces. A proper arsenal is required to ensure a ‘deep clean’.

Always change microfiber cloths for surfaces to prevent cross-contamination and using disinfecting solutions with recommended alcohol levels are just the basics. No doubt you can do this yourself, but why spend the extra time building an arsenal and doing the cleaning yourself when you can just hire a professional team?

Trust and Accountability from an Experienced Housekeeping Staff

Here at MetroResidences, we subject our housekeeping teams to a high standard of service and holistic accountability. Logs are kept, schedules are set and the teams are always upskilling & learning better ways on how to properly maintain a safe and clean environment.

Like what you have witnessed in the video at the top, accountability is incredibly important. Checks and balances have been set in place to ensure all certified serviced apartments in Singapore are clean and comfortable to live in. With lives at risk, our team takes no shortcuts nor compromises.

Cleaning isn’t a one-time-off affair and our cleaning crew knows that. During scheduled cleaning sessions, travellers are asked to practice safe distancing and asked to wait in a different room. If you have been following us, you probably remember our launched Safe Home Programme back in May. Our cleaning crews are definitely no recruits when it comes to tactical cleaning!

Let us take care of the basics and provide you with a clean, safe and hospitable environment to rest and work-from-home for both short and long term stays.

Also, if you are a homeowner looking to rent out a clean and sanitized apartment, reach out to us. Our cleaning experts will definitely able to help you and provide your house with the accreditation and cleanliness it deserves!

Interested to know more? Find out what else we’re doing to ensure you have a better, smarter and safer stay with MetroResidences at our Covid-19 Resources page