Fully furnished plug and play apartments; just what you were looking for!

An almost modular system of accommodation that you can apply into your life without having to worry about the small things.

Hate it when you have to pick everything up and start in a new country from scratch? Take a number and get in line. Expats and digital nomads face this problem more often than you think!

When the call comes in, you’ll find yourself having to ditch your current life to start somewhere else. This is why business travellers look to plug and play solutions. An almost modular system of accommodation that they can just apply into their lives without having to worry about the small things (which when accumulated, become HUGE things). 

Serviced apartments are a comfortable, luxurious, and convenient option if you happen to be looking for a snug space to work, play, and rest. We explore the reasons why many business travellers have chosen to call serviced apartments in Singapore their home away from home.

What Are Serviced Apartments?

The easiest way to describe a serviced apartment is that it is like a hotel you can call home. Essentially, it is a home away from home. A serviced apartment is a fully furnished apartment available for short term rentals (3 months) or long term stay. Unlike hotel rooms, a serviced apartment provides occupants with multiple rooms away from the common living room. 

With the option of co-living in a serviced apartment; a few people come together and share the studio and its various amenities, such as Wifi-connection, kitchen appliances, dining area, and television. Living in a serviced apartment also offers multiple helpful services that make living there much more comfortable.

What do Serviced Apartments Offer?

Apart from being fully furnished with even a washing machine and dryer, there are other benefits to living in a serviced apartment.

Serviced apartments typically offer services such as housekeeping and security, and facilities such as having a gym and pool – the perfect apartment for digital nomads. This particular apartment in Bugis, Singapore, comes fully furnished, has access to a swimming pool and gym, and is also pet-friendly for those who have four-legged friends.

Such accommodation is the perfect fit for digital nomads as it provides them with all they need for one price, without having to worry about such matters. 

Serviced apartments also usually boast a good location that is near a train station, bus stop or shopping malls. Most serviced apartments to rent in Singapore are located in prime real estate areas such as Orchard Road, where one can be close to the vibrant shopping hub of Singapore. However, if you prefer to be closer to the heartlands, there are apartments available in such locations as well.

Serviced Apartments in Singapore

With studios for rent at prime locations such as Orchard, Clarke Quay, and Tiong Bahru, digital nomads and expats alike are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing their perfect work and rest nest.

This particularly gorgeous and spacious apartment in Orchard is the perfect example of what service apartments are: cozy, homely, luxurious, and well-furnished. Roomy enough to house a modern-day family, it is also ideal for a group of friends or like-minded travellers looking to settle down together somewhere. 

Serviced apartments offer a particular convenience and luxe that regular renting is unable to provide. To be able to plop down in your new home with everything set up for you; from furniture to Wifi connection, is a real treat and is perfect for young business travellers looking to have a space of their own, without the usual fuss and stress involved with moving into a new place.

We often overlook the importance of having enough space where we live. We all want to go home to a beautiful, spacious area we can feel comfortable in, instead of going back to a cramped room with everything done within sight of the bed. By having a large enough space that serviced apartments provide, occupants can rest and relax in the right areas.

Bedrooms are for rest; living rooms are for work.

Work and Rest in One Location

As we mentioned earlier, guests in a serviced apartment have the luxury of having their sleeping and work/eat quarters separate. Having more space allows guests to feel more comfortable in their home, and who wouldn’t want to feel more comfortable in any given situation?

Serviced apartments also usually come fully equipped with a working kitchen. This allows guests to have friends over so that they can entertain, or for them to cook their favourite meal from back home. Perhaps their favourite dish is hard to find; by providing them a place to cook, guests can feel more at home and feel like the space is truly theirs.

Washing machines and dryers are also available in an apartment, so guests can freely do their laundry as and when they please without worrying about additional costs or inconvenience. They can do their laundry in the comfort of their home away from home.

Business travellers in a serviced apartment can also enjoy being able to work where they live.

As apartments come prepared with Wifi-connection, guests need not worry about connectivity. They can work without any hiccups in the way as a serviced apartment provides the right environment for optimum productivity. This is where the importance of space comes to play, as well. 

Churning out work while on your bed? This might not be the most ideal choice for many. Now, with the option of space, you won’t be restricted to JUST your bed. Serviced apartments come fitted with all the necessities for a home office.

It’s a place to work, a place to live and a place to grow.

Cost of Renting a Serviced Apartment

The most significant influencing factor in deciding whether to rent a hotel room, HDB flat or condominium, is cost. For short-term stays, perhaps living in a hotel room would make more sense. More consideration has to be placed into stays that range from mid to long term, however.

The average rate for hotel rooms in Singapore is about $200 – $300 a night, and that is for ordinary hotels. If you’re looking for anything fancier, be prepared to fork out more. 

Average serviced apartments go for about $3500 a month. I know, that seems like a hefty amount. But let’s break it down – that’s roughly $116 a night. In a serviced apartment, guests get to enjoy the same amenities provided by a hotel for a lower price per month. 

On top of that, guests have the freedom to cook and do their laundry, which helps to save out-of-pocket costs as well. Serviced apartments provide better value than standard hotel rooms or renting a HDB flat, as it comes with provided amenities and is fully furnished.

Should You Opt for A Service Apartment?

If you enjoy the luxuries of life and would prefer a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space to go back to, renting a serviced apartment should be on the top of your list, especially so if your visits run long-term.

With a serviced apartment in Singapore, you get convenience, accessibility, freedom, and comfort, all for a reasonable price.