Community Managers are redefining the Co-Living Landscape

Community managers are commonly the ‘go-to’ person for residents, making them a priceless resource for business travellers and non-natives who are new to the landscape and local culture.

We are familiar with the concept of co-working for convenience, interaction and the bringing together of great minds. Co-living is built on the same fundamental concept of bridging people while offering them a private living space. 

Co-living (which is gaining traction in the shared space community) is built on the foundation of openness, caring and sharing. Residents share common interests, cultural values and/or daily habits. With the ease of travel and mobility, people regularly cross cities and continents for better job prospects and self-development.

In co-living, community managers play the role of a ‘house leader’ to foster cohesion and comfort among residents. Community managers are the driving force behind building resident satisfaction, encouraging long term residents and act as a brand ambassador for the co-living space. 

“Community managers are commonly the ‘go-to’ person for residents, making them a priceless resource for business travellers and non-natives who are new to the landscape and local culture.”  

They craft your experience

The beauty of community managers lies in their ability to create the intangibles; building a sense of togetherness and creating a homely experience for all residents.     

Community managers work hard to bridge residents and build a strong corporate identity for the co-living spaces. Community managers meet and greet new residents, tour them around the co-living space and introduce them to other residents as an ice-breaker. The moving-in process for residents is smooth and seamless. 

“Residents turn to community managers for support and assistance for all house matters, almost like having a personal butler at home. This allows new residents to feel at home in the co-living space, that they are welcomed and embraced by the community. “

These managers regularly organize networking events for residents to get together and know each other better. In most co-living spaces, events like zumba, yoga, pilates and happy hour are hosted on a monthly basis. 

Other networking events like food trails, movie night and baking sessions, offer residents a respite from their daily routine. In unique cases, community managers can play the role of mediators and country guide to list down places of interest to residents, well beyond the regular tourist landmarks.

Skilled in the right areas

Community managers constantly equip and upgrade themselves with a wealth of knowledge across industries and countries, a good mix of soft and hard skills and a strong social network. Some community managers are certified in basic first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), while others may be trained in mental health awareness or alcohol abuse management. 

Event organization and games or sports facilitation is often a common area of expertise well-displayed by community managers. 

Networking events can be viewed and booked through a co-living space application for ease and convenience. Some community managers organize events for special celebrations such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, allowing residents to gather for much fun, food and good laughter. 

A big plus point about co-living is the short commitment period, which usually starts from a 3 months tenure, although some co-living places allow a weekly tenure. 

With the immediate move-in availability and the friendly care of the community manager, residents are assured of an enjoyable stay while having the opportunity to connect with other residents to build lifelong friendships and even, business partnerships. 

Community managers play an integral role in fostering a strong sense of unity and uplifting the happiness quotient among residents. While most community managers play their role well, a great community manager has the ability to drive event participation and build an identity among the residents to upload the brand of a lifestyle.  

Always going the extra mile

Great community managers go the extra mile to breathe life and a culture of care in the co-living space. Awesome parties, surprise gifts and birthday cards naturally delight residents, especially those who are far away from home. Food recommendations and the occasional local food party serve to fill the stomach and warm the heart. 

Regular news updates, weather forecasts, wellness advice and health tips provided by great community managers, further cement the bond among residents and uplift the branding of the co-living space. 

A comfortable and classy co-living space, coupled with a great community manager is the best combination any resident can ask for. It is a priceless experience to have a home away from home while connecting with new like-minded friends from around the world. 

Natives gain a unique sense of independence living in co-living spaces, often propelling them forward to explore the world and open their opportunities for travelling and cross-continental careers. 

So always look to your community manager and drop them a little smile now and then – they are always striving to make your experience just that much better!

Here’s a little background on co-living…

While co-living used to be limited to business travellers, it has expanded beyond that audience, given that it offers many native working adults the choice of living near their workplace with full independence and the opportunity to meet other like-minded individuals. Many co-living places in Singapore are centrally located for easy commuting. 

Increasingly, Millenials and matured professionals in Singapore are seeking co-living for practical reasons and the freedom of mobility.  In coming together to share a living place, residents live under the same roof as a family sharing common areas like the kitchen and lounging space.

Housekeeping services, laundry and ironing are usually offered to provide a comfortable living environment that is hassle-free with overall expenses shared among the residents. Cool amenities such as coffee machines, game machines, vending machines and beer towers are included to delight residents and add a dash of sophistication to the co-living space. 

Spaces are structured, rooms are partitioned, bathrooms are well-equipped and furniture is provided. Interior design is classy and pleasing with rooms being in a move-in condition, such that residents need only bring their luggage with them. 

Increasingly, people are coming onboard the co-living bandwagon for the convenience and connection it provides. With co-living, residents enjoy the rare balance of privacy in their well-furnished rooms and communal interaction in the shared open areas. 

So if you’re interested in being part of a community, co-living spaces and where to find them, take a look at our co-living apartments here!