The Most Expensive Studios for Rent in Singapore to Get Jealous Of

We've reached peak wealth porn, so we might as well indulge.

So, will wealth porn survive 2022? The golden age of television is still spawning shows gilded with private jets and beautiful villas. Our love affair with the spectacle of wealth had always been torturous, now ever more so. Because it’s not just about indulgence and escape anymore. In light of a teething global economy, geopolitical tensions, and cultural rifts, wealth porn is now blasé about its striking splendour. Even HBO’s Succession, one of TV’s most prestigious dramas, reflects that stance. While it depicts the family wrestling power over the patriarch’s media empire, showing them jetting off to far-flung villas and brooding atop penthouse apartments. But it was never about the expensive toys. One of the directors even asked the filmmaking team to fight the instinct of ‘making things beautiful’.

But, damn it, it just looks so damn good. So we won’t fault you for ogling, nor judge you from doing so. Even this writer is not immune to the temptation and beauty of wealth and excess. Carlos Santos, the director of the Netflix series Elite, thinks audience still wouldn’t mind the shock and awe of affluence. ‘I think it’s a very juicy subject matter to explore because we all wish to be them despite hating them,’ he said.

Then let’s indulge ourselves in the fantasy that we’re all eligible bachelors and bachelorettes, high-flying digital nomads and business travelers. After all, who wouldn’t want to revel in the luxury of the most expensive apartments in Singapore (even when there are plenty of cheaper options). They’re all so spacious that you don’t need to worry about finding more space in a cramped studio apartment. So here it is, the 7 of the Most Expensive Studios for Rent in Singapore to Get Jealous Of.

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From the outset, the units look like plain old hotel rooms. But the 268 high-quality serviced apartments are actually designed to cater to the ‘discerning international business and leisure travellers.’ Dao by Dorsett can fulfil your every need with personalised concierge service and insider access to the best services you can find in downtown Singapore. The studio for rent won’t have a fully-equipped kitchen (only a kitchenette). Still, business travelers will surely appreciate the in-house restaurant, outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre and bar. 

The Damage? From $10,000 a month. (Over double the median income for Singaporeans—$4,680)

Address: 6 Shenton Way, OUE Downtown One, Singapore 068809

2. Altez

One of the listings for a studio duplex boasted: “So Convenient You Walk To Work”. Now, isn’t that the dream? Get an attitude at a new altitude at Altez. It’s one of the tallest residential towers in Tanjong Pagar, the epicentre of Singapore’s commercial heart. So you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the city and the Singapore Straits. There is a slew of amenities too, from a foot reflexology centre to tennis courts. With only a two-minute walk to the Tanjong Pagar MRT station—this is where the high life begins.

The Damage? $6,000. (Around 697 McSpicy Meals—with fries and drink—from McDonald’s)

Address: 16 Enggor Street, Singapore 079717

3. Oasia Residence

 Who said you can’t live it up in the West? This studio for rent in Singapore is crafted by Oasia, a notable imprint of Far East Hospitality. At the Oasia Residences, you’ll be able to tap onto global talents and innovation. There’s a constellation of top educational institutions and a dynamic international business park a stone’s throw away from the Oasia Residence. Digital nomads with a background in tech would surely love the studio apartments here because of its proximity to one-north: Singapore’s leading hub for emerging technologies.

Your stay here would be no less marvellous than a downtown hotel. Enjoy amenities such as the rooftop tennis court, sea mist spa pool, sky terrace swimming pool and jacuzzi, as well as their steam and sauna room. In addition to their 24-hour reception and security, they’re pet-friendly too! They’re surely able to help you out if you’re relocating your pets to Singapore.

The Damage? $6,000 for a studio duplex. (Around 909.09 Large Coconut Shake from Mr Coconut)

Address: 123 West Coast Crescent, Singapore 126779

4. Highline Residences

Located in the popular Tiong Bahru enclave, you’ll be treated to not only the quaint charm of retro apartment blocks and hassle-free access to the city centre. Here, you can fulfil your potential as a full-blown hipster. You’re sure to know all the chic cafes and boutiques in the area, as well as the eclectic collection of wall murals. There’s nowhere better to find new inspiration for your next pet project.

The Damage? $5,000. (Around 1,428 croissants from Tiong Bahru Bakery)

Address: Highline Residences, 9 Kim Tian Rd, Singapore 168593

5. Skysuites@Anson

It’s actually right beside Altez! It’s only cheaper because the unit we saw has a smaller studio space—40% smaller than the Altez unit. Suppose there’s always a premium for location (and good views). Nevertheless, you still get to feel the pulse of the city at Skysuites@Anson. You’re just a 5-minute walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT, and the upcoming Maxwell MRT on the Thomson East Coast Line is about to open before the end of 2022. If you’re looking for peace and tranquillity instead, get up to the 72nd floor and take in the 360-degree view of the city center. There’s even a stargazing deck so you can gaze into the cosmos and forget about the busy city.

The Damage? $4,800. (Around 363.36 Happy Hour Pints of the Straits Pale Ale from Thirty Six)

Address: 8 Enggor Street, Singapore 079718

Its distinctive curved hexagonal façade has been the subject of many a photo on Unsplash, and its complex seems to engulf the iconic Parkview Square, an Art Deco architectural gem. With its striking design and coveted location, it was one of the hyped property launches in 2013. It sits on the periphery of the Civic District, so you’d never be far from theatres and studios. With that, you’ll never be short of a creative space to pursue your craft.

Plus, Arab Street and Haji Lane are only one street over too. If you ever get the chance to live here, you can easily throng the bars and the cute motley of boutiques. No wonder we have some pretty swanky Singapore serviced apartments there too.

The Damage? Also $4,800. (Around 600 iced Caffe Lattes from %Arabica)

Address: 1 Fraser Street, Singapore 189350

With its central location, its official website asks: What is metropolitan living if not being in the centre of it all? But what about commuting to Raffles Place every morning? Wouldn’t that count as metropolitan living? That aside, it is truly a ‘metropolitan playground’: you can work out and enjoy the view of the newly reclaimed land that will become the Great Southern Waterfront at the 34th floor. There’s even a wee putting green on the 35th floor. And if you’re tired of the same old dining options nearby, you can get the in-house culinary consultant to whip up a proper feast.

The Damage? $4,000. (Around 2,000 cups of overpriced kopi from a city centre kopi stall)

Address: 5A Shenton Way, Singapore 068814

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Fret not, there are still plenty of affordable studios, no matter if it’s at one of the Singapore serviced apartments and Singapore condo rentals by MetroResidences’ Whatever’s your budget for your next business trip, we have a wide range of options across coveted locales such as Raffles Place, Orchard Road, and Arab Street.

All our serviced apartments are conveniently located, with hassle-free access to public transport. It all comes fully furnished too, with fully-equipped kitchens, amenities like wi-fi, air-conditioners, and even fully-equipped kitchens. With MetroResidences, you can find your home away from home, especially if you’re staying for a longer period of time.

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