5 Best Space-Saving Tips for Your Studio Condo Rental

Ingenious Tips to Maximising Your Living Spaces for Your Studio for Rent in Singapore

Now you’re lucky enough to get a cheap studio unit for rent in Singapore (can share the lobang or not?). Then comes the next headache, how to maximise the space of your studio condo in Singapore. It makes all the difference, especially when you’re a business traveler or digital nomad staying for a longer period of time. Here’s what we know about how to find the hidden spaces in a studio for rent in Singapore:

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Space Saving Tip #1: Buy Less

That way you can save space by default. There’s a reason why Marie Kondo is now a household name, after all. If you’re moving into a new space, stick to the essentials first: your sofa, your bed, your precious air fryer. Then after you’ve gotten used to your new place, you can think about the furnishings that you need—with need being the operative word. Nowadays, a lot of us don’t even need that 64-inch curved screen TV. If you’re staying at a mini studio for rent in Singapore, you might not even need a coffee table or a dining table.

If you do need to buy furniture, here’s a pro tip: measure your apartment’s dimensions before you head to your furniture store (IKEA, anyone?). That way, you at least have a rough idea how the new furniture would sit in your.

But if you’re staying at one of the Singapore serviced apartments at MetroResidences, you’ll be free of this worry! All of our serviced apartments offer fully furnished working spaces and living spaces. You can add on housekeeping services to enhance your stay too.

Space Saving Tip #2: Declutter

’Declutter’ even has its own thread with 488,000 members on Reddit. And it’s not just for smaller homes, bigger homes could have storage issues too. But if you’re staying at a studio for rent in Singapore, decluttering is one of the essential studio apartment hacks to maximise square footage. By focusing on the things you need, you’d free up so much more extra storage space in your studio condo rental. 

Sure there’s the Marie Kondo way of just focusing on the things that bring you joy. But if you want, you can take on this interior stylist’s advice: keep objects with two of these three things: beautiful, functional or sentimental.

 But if there are still things left after the purge, all you need to do is to put a little more thought behind placing it. You can organise your books by size and colour, for example. Old photographs can be sprinkled across your living spaces to give it a more homey ambiance.

Space Saving Tip #3: Get Flexible Furnishings

Make your furnishings take up double duty! You can find plenty of storage solutions and multi-purpose furniture for your studio condo rental. There are a plethora of space hacks for a limited space out there. You can maybe add some shelves above your door (very sturdy ones so it won’t fall off). Or, find right-angled triangular shelves for those tight corners.

Collapsible home essentials are great for opening up precious space for your rental apartment too. With that, you can simply fold them or collapse bulky items such as pails and dustbins. There are many versions of collapsible coat racks and clothes hangers for your closet too.


Space Saving Tip #4: Go Vertical

This is one of the best space-saving ideas for studio apartments. And don’t worry if you’re renting a studio apartment in Singapore. There are plenty of furnishings that won’t tamper or damage the walls of your studio condo rental. You can look to install removable racks and adhesive hooks behind your closet or bathroom doors. Trust us, a shelf with some hooks will change your life. Because now you can hang your coats, bags, or jewellery without buying extra furnishings.

Space Saving Tip #5: Let the Light In

This is kind of a cheat code, but there’s no better way to brighten up your living spaces than with natural light after all. You may not be saving any space per se, but natural light can make even small studio apartments look welcoming and spacious.

To maximise light in your home, you can think of adding mirrors to your studio apartment too. Not only does it reflect light around your home, it gives the illusion of space as it breaks down the solidity of the walls. It also adds another focal point to the studio apartment as it lights up the space too.


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