Travellers helpline: When should you call for an ambulance in Singapore?

Knowing what to do and which appropriate channel to reach out to can sometimes be the difference between life and death.

Emergencies come at times we least expect. Knowing what to do and which appropriate channel to reach out to can sometimes be the difference between life and death. But what happens when you’re overseas? Is the process any different from the emergency ambulance services at home? 

“What’s the Singapore ambulance number?”

“Isn’t there only one Singapore ambulance number?”

Many of us on the tiny island of Singapore aren’t fully aware of the emergency and non-emergency numbers/ambulances available. Be it, locals or foreign travellers,  it’s important to know the right channels to contact depending on the emergency situation at hand to receive the best emergency medical service.

So if you’re here on business or holiday, here’s what you need to know about Singapore emergency hotlines, what other home medical services are out there and the convenience of house call doctors – you need to know what Singapore emergency number to call!

How do I assess an emergency?

So what does an emergency really mean? Although it might seem obvious, it can be tricky when assessing different situations. Let’s break it down; here are some general instances when you should call an emergency ambulance:

  • Someone is unconscious or experiencing severe dizziness
  • Can’t breathe or are choking
  • Severe chest pains
  • Broken bones
  • Deep cuts causing a massive loss of blood
  • Head injuries
  • Injuries to your spine or neck
  • Fall from heights
  • Poisoning
  • Severe allergies
  • Someone is drowning
  • Severe scalding and burns

What emergency hotlines can I contact?

If you are in a situation where someone is experiencing any of the above-mentioned examples, call 995 immediately! Calling 995 will connect you to a Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) ambulance. These emergency ambulance services will bring the patient to the nearest public hospital and/or restructured hospital.

What is a non-emergency situation?

The same goes for non-emergency situations. Why is it important to know the difference? 

Well, first of all, you will be charged $274 for requesting an emergency ambulance to tend to a non-emergency call. Also, misuse of SCDF emergency ambulances is a waste of resources; there might be someone else in a much dire situation that could have used that ambulance instead of you!

So, if you have the following ailments or medical situations that require medical attention, perhaps consider calling a non-emergency ambulance instead:

  • Toothache or mild headache
  • Gastric pains
  • Mild fever
  • Long term pains
  • Small cuts and bruises
  • Medical check-ups/follow-ups

What non-emergency hotlines can I contact?

To request an ambulance that best suits your needs in such situations, call 1777 for a Private Ambulance. Do note that you will be charged for this service and the extent of this price is based on the case. 

However, you can expect a long wait when requesting one. Luckily, there are services out there to help you with this hassle. One service you can look to is Speedoc. Patients can tap an app for on-demand private ambulance services in non-emergency cases It’s as simple as booking a private-hire car.

With the ambulance-hailing feature on the Speedoc app (Speedoc app is the first ambulance-booking app in Singapore!), users who need a private ambulance for non-emergency cases, don’t have to call over 20 operators individually or the 1777 hotline and wait for as long as two hours, for confirmation.

Requests made via the app can significantly cut down your waiting time to only around 30 minutes. Users can request for private ambulances for transport to healthcare institutions in Singapore including hospitals, nursing homes, and hospices.

Speedoc ambulance booking service includes:

  • Transport to hospital
  • Transport home after discharge
  • Scheduled medical transport

The cost of calling a private ambulance via the app can range from $120 to $170, depending on the location, time of day and demand. In comparison, typical booking fees for a private ambulance can be from about $50 to $130 just for a one-way trip.

What non-emergency hotlines can I contact?

Healthcare institutes and neighbourhood clinics in Singapore are infamous for their winding long queues and extended waiting times. It’s the last thing anyone ill would want to face when wanting to see the doctor. So why not bring the doctor to you?

House-call medical services on demand by Speedoc helps you to cut out the travel and waiting time it takes to visit a GP (general practitioner) and get the medical consultation you need right to your doorstep in a shorter amount of time, 24/7; all in the comfort of your apartment.

This article is brought to you by Speedoc and MetroResidences

About Speedoc

Speedoc was founded in 2017 in Singapore, with a mission to prove that medical care need not be a lengthy, cumbersome experience. With the ageing population to address and improved access to technology, Speedoc built a complete end-to-end system for doctors and patients, so that house call doctor services can be provided with ease and minimal burden to people in the community. 

With Speedoc, home medical services need not be limited to only immobile patients, but to everyday people who may require GP or A&E visits for themselves or their loved ones. For more information, please visit, or download the app on the App Store and Google Play.