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**This article has been updated on May of 2020**

Having to deal with any health or medical issues in a foreign country can be daunting. More so, if the country you are residing in doesn’t speak your mother tongue or has a completely different medical system. Luckily in Tokyo, we have seen an increase in medical clinics and hospitals that are able to provide doctors who speak or offer English support in recent years.

Even better there are also some services and websites such as Himawari, Medidoc, etc. that can connect you with hospitals or clinics that can potentially assist you with your particular medical needs.

So here’s a list of services, clinics and recommended doctors that are well known and respected in the foreigner’s community in Tokyo who offers English support.

As some of these doctors might not accept the National Health Insurance, we have gone the extra mile to indicate it in our list too! We wish you a speedy recovery!

General Practitioners & Services


This handy website provides a list of available doctors in all fields. By simply completing an online form you can get in touch with the portal company or choose a clinic/hospital-based on either your prefered location or needs. You can find the details of each registered medical practitioner’s on the webpage too!




Offers support in English/Chinese/Korean/Thai/Spanish. By responding to a few questions, the helpline will connect you with a medical center nearest to you.
・Location: online / via helpline
・Telephone: 03-5285-8181
・NHI: Depends on the clinic/hospital

Japan Healthcare Info

Provides a variety of services from finding a nearby clinic or hospital or even childcare services. They will help to make appointments and even provide interpretation support.
・ Location: online / email
・ Telephone: need to request on their website
・ NHI: Depends on the clinic/hospital


General Hospitals/Clinics

American Clinic Tokyo

This is an appointment-based clinic, so you need to make one in advance. Offer primary care, psychiatry, and wellness.
・Location: Akasaka
・Telephone: 03-6441-0969
・NHI: No
**Recommended doctors at this location : Dr. Grant Mikasa

Asakusa Clinic

As for Dr. Uchiyama who specializes in general internal and respiratory medicine. He can also help with other services, so check the website.
・Location: Asakusa
・Telephone: 03-3876-3200
・ NHI: Yes
**Recommended doctors at this location: Dr. Noboru Uchiyama speaks perfect English

Hiroo International Clinic

Has doctors licensed both abroad and domestically who support patients with general and internal medical issues.
・Location: Hiroo (Minami-azabu)
・Telephone: 03-5789-8861
・ NHI: No
**Recommended doctors at this location: Dr. Tsutsumi

Kijima Pediatric & Otorhinolaryngology

English support is provided for services such as ENT or pediatrics.
・Location: Tomigaya (Shibuya)
・Telephone: 03-3467-6740
・ NHI: Yes

The King Clinic

Offers general practice services, travel medicine, immunizations, pediatrics and other medical examinations. Highly recommended that you make an appointment ahead of time.
・Location: Shimokitazawa (Setagaya)
・Telephone: 03-3409-0764
・ NHI: Yes

National Medical Clinic

Offers medical services in pediatrics, internal medicine, and surgery.
・Location: Minami Azabu
・Telephone: 03-3473-2057
・ NHI: Maybe
**Recommended doctors at this location: Dr. Che got his medical degree at UCLA.

Phoenix Medical Clinic

The website is only in Japanese, but most of the doctors speak some English.
・Location: Kitasando (Sendagaya)
・Telephone: 03-3478-3734
・ NHI: Yes

Primary Care Tokyo

A solo medical practice with Dr Joe Kuruso. Provides medical care services in various areas.
・Location: Shimokitazawa (Setagaya)
・Telephone: 03-5432-7177
・ NHI: Yes
**Recommended doctors at this location: Dr. Kurosu is a family doctor

Roppongi Hills Clinic

Offers general outpatient services.
・Location: Roppongi Hills 6F
・Telephone: 03-3796-0066
・ NHI: Yes

Seibo Hospital

This is a Japanese hospital with support in English, French and Spanish. Medical services include OBGyn, Peadiatrics, Neurology, ENT, dermatology, opthamology, etc.
・Location: Shiinamachi (Seibu Ikebukuro line)
・Telephone: 03-3951-1111
・ NHI: Yes

Sendagaya International Clinic

Family practice services including immunizations as well as travel medical services for tourists. Priority is given to those who make an appointment ahead of time.
・Location: Sendagaya (Shibuya)
・Telephone: 03-3478-4747
・ NHI: Not clear, check when making appointment

St Luke’s International Hospital

Offers a variety of medical services with language support in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and Russian. They also have interpretation and document translation services if you become a patient there.
・Location: Near Shintomicho/Tsukiji
・Telephone: 03-5550-7166
・ NHI: Yes
**Recommended doctors at this location: Dr Tomishima for sleep apnea, Dr. Deshpande’s clinics are Wednesday mornings 8:30 – 11:30 am.

Tokyo Midtown Medical Clinic

Outpatient service that offers medical services to international patients in English.
・Location: Roppongi Midtown (Akasaka)
・Telephone: 03-5413-7911
・ NHI: Yes
**Recommended doctors at this location: Dr. Grant Mikasa for general medicine is fluent in English. He also works at American Tokyo Clinic Dr. Yanni

Tokyo Medical and Surgical Center

Fluent English speaking doctors offering annual medical checkups, family medicine, travel medicine and other specialty consultations.
・Location: Shibakoen (Minato-ku)
・Telephone: 03-5436-3028
・ NHI: No
**Recommended doctors at this location: Dr. Yeboah



Advanced Healthcare Center

Offer manual therapy without drugs or surgery using safe and effective rehabilitative exercises and physical therapy modalities.
・Location: Oizumigakuen (Nerima-ku)
・Telephone: 03-3923-4910
・ NHI: Not clear
**Recommended doctors at this location: Dr. Ikuko Abe speaks fluent English.

Bones and Beyond

Dr. Hugh Kieu is a US professional licensed as a chiropractor focusing on scoliosis, herniated discs, and industrial disability evaluations.
・Location: Sumiyoshi (Yokohama)
・Telephone: 045-663-3123
・ NHI: Not clear

Dr. Kakuko Sports Clinic

Specializes in sports medicine, physiotherapy, orthopedics and anti-aging.
・Location: Sarugakucho (Shibuya)
・Telephone: Need to book an appointment online
・ NHI: Yes

Hiroo Chiropractic Office

・Location: Hiroo (Shibuya)
・Telephone: 03-5447-6377
・ NHI: Not clear

K-Map Chiropractic and Sports Therapy

Integrate chiropractic, sports medicine, soft tissue therapy and personal training to treat injuries or other related conditions.
・Location: Akasaka
・Telephone: 03-6277-6560
・ NHI: No
**Recommended doctors at this location: Mr. Oumi

Taka’s Chiropractic

Aims to restore original healing power of the body through balance, posture and well-being.
・Location: Azabujuban
・Telephone: 03-6313-7123
・ NHI: Not clear

Tokyo Physio

All therapists are trained in Australia and keep updated on the latest in physiotherapy research and best practices.
・Location: Shirokane (Hiroo; Minato-ku)
・Telephone: 03-3443-6769
・ NHI: Not clear


Women’s Health

Jiyugaoka Miki Breast Clinic

Dedicated to breast health with specialized care adapted to the needs of patients.
・Location: Jiyugaoka (Meguro-ku)
・Telephone: 03-3724-8800
・ NHI: Yes

K Ladies Clinic Shinjuku

Provides health services to women of all ages with contraception, annual checkups, UTIs, STDs and other related conditions.
・Location: Nishi-Shinjuku
・Telephone: 03-3343-9555
・ NHI: Not clear

Kanda 2nd Clinic

Most of the webpage is in Japanese with random words and some description in English. However, most of the patients are foreigners so English support is given once there.
・Location: Nishi Azabu
・Telephone: 03-3402-0654
・ NHI: Yes
**Recommended doctors at this location: Ms. Makabe


Ear, Nose & Throat Doctors (ENTs)

Jingumae Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic

This is a special clinic for ear, nose and throat.
・Location: Meiji-jingumae
・Telephone: 03-3400-3022
・ NHI: Not clear

Sanno Hospital/Sanno Medical Center

Offers special ENT services, but also general medicine. They also have full-time English speaking translators.
・Location: Akasaka
・ NHI: Not clear



A new website called MediDoc has been launched to connect people to English-speaking dentists in the Tokyo area. You just need to register and then most dentists will confirm via email or you can call to book your appointments.

Mental Health

Mejiro SOLA Clinic

Appointments are required to conditions related to insomnia, low energy, lethargy, depression, anxiety and other related conditions.

・Location: Mejiro
・Telephone:  03-5906-5092
・ NHI: Yes
・Available in English and French

R. William Fast

Helps to create a safe space to express yourself for better understanding of behaviors and thought patterns to move forward with well-being.
・Location: Azabujuban
・Telephone: 04-2207-4917
・ NHI: No


A dedicated organization to providing effective support and counseling services to Japan’s international community and its increasing mental health needs.
・Location: Minami-Aoyama
・Telephone: 03-4550-1146 / 5774-0992 (helpline)
・ NHI: No, but has special payment options

Yotsuya Yui Clinic

Medical consultation on any mental health needs. They offer support in English, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.
・Location: Ichigaya (Shinjuku)
・Telephone: 03-5225-1291
・ NHI: Yes


Eye Doctors

Kato Eye Clinic

English speaking doctors are available offering highest level of eye and vision care.
・Location: Shibuya Crossing
・Telephone: email or check website for availability of English speaking doctors.
・ NHI: Not clear

Shinagawa East Medical Clinic

Offers a variety of medical services as well as ophthalmology. Also, offers a travel clinic.
・Location: Shinagawa Intercity Building
・Telephone: 03-5783-5521
・ NHI: Not clear

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