Are you tired of the hectic Hong Kong? Is your family crying out loud for your time? Are you so exhausted to move those knuckles and plan a trip? You know what all of this say? Discovery Bay!

Discovery Bay Hong Kong or DB, as they say, is the mind-blowing destination without the need for a passport. So save your time and extra effort, pack your bags and step out being all aware of everything you need to know about DB whether you’re on your single rebel trip or vacay with the fam or just a bunch of kitties ready to party!

Perks For The Eyes

Surrounded by the beautiful South China Sea, on the northeastern coast of Lantau Island, DB creates a royal resort lifestyle with the lush green landscape coupled with beautiful mountains. The serene oasis, breathtaking sea view and stunning sight of the Disneyland’s fireworks are enough to put sparks of happiness in your eyes and hearts overwhelmed with joy and love.

Heading Towards The Destination

Good News! Getting to your dream vacation is super easy and quick without a passport. It’s a 25-minute ferry ride from the Central. If that’s too long, the bus and shuttles from the Sunny Bay or Tung Chung MTR stations take you to DB in 15 minutes. With this, Lantau taxis also provide a ride through the Discovery Bay Tunnel.

Suggestion: Take the ferry ride if you’re up for the adventure within $37 (one way). The ferry is well equipped with WiFi so you can cherish and store the happy moments right then. The MTR rides are quick and convenient too. Want to know more about the ferry rides? Click Here.

Getting Along With the DB

Woop Woop! Reaching the main plaza, the hearts may start to thump faster. This is where the adventure has just begun. Its the hub of all the happening events that take place at the Ddeck like Hand Made Hong Kong’s Sunday Market. Never miss out on any happening event, know the schedule here. The main plaza is a short walk from the sandy sunny beach where your kids can run and play, swim and hop around while you have the first sip of relaxation or a chance to window shop or just buy a couple tops for the day. Move around in the free shuttle and if you have your luggage, hire your personal cab from the main plaza for $15 per person and keep going towards the North Plaza where there’s the Family Kingdom having the bouncing castles and music booth. The North Plaza is relatively quiet but this is where you’ll find more options to stay, shop and eat.

Let The Adventure Begin

Discovery Bay Hong Kong marvelously fashioned to fulfill your adventure needs has all the options you crave to try at least once in a lifetime.

  • Discovery Bay Golf Courts – Grab your Ferrari golf carts and scoot around playing the game of royalty
  • Waterfront Horse Carriage Rides – These are the short and sweet carriage rides for four at $200. The horsy carries around gleaming tourists for 10 minutes.
  • Hiking and Leisure Walks – Discovery Bay is regarded as the most favorite destination for hiking with its picturesque landscape and charming trails at the Tiger Head Mountain.
  • Beach Life – Experience the unforgettable sight of the Disney land’s fireworks at night or play in the sand with your kids at the children’s play area or join the speed dating event, or have a happy time at the picnic spots!
  • Watersports – Along the Tai Pak Beach is Lantau Boat Club putting the edge on your dream trip with thrilling dragon boat rides.


North Plaza has the Discovery Bay Hong Kong’s very own hotel, The Auberge. The hotel is fashioned with gorgie Bounty Bar, tranquilizing Spa Botanica, the aromatic Café Bord de Mer and lavish rooms. The famous shopping spots include Prince and Princess, Nomadic, Just Green and Citygate Outlets Mall having the promising brands. To make the trip complete, delicious smelling eateries are geared to satisfy rumbling bellies. Uncle Russ and Pacific Coffee offer the sips just your type.

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