One of the eighteen beautiful districts of Hong Kong, Sha Tin District is a marvelous cultural center, a recreational and gourmet hub and an amusing sight to beat. The place serves best as a shopping spree, has its own IKEA, and is a good spot to get an airport bus A41 or to reach destinations like Sai Kung. The fabulous part is that it’s renowned for the central parks, horseracing, shopping areas, awesome restaurant delicacies and dessert houses.  Another main tourist attractions are the 10,000 Buddha statues which can be seen on the ride from Sha Tin metro and bus terminal.

Sha Tin Plaza and How to Get There?

Directly located in the heart of Sha Tin, Sha Tin Plaza is an intriguing shopper’s delight. However, it takes a bit of time to get there and you need to travel more than a bit but the whole trip proves to be worthy at the end of the day. A one-stop shopping arena in Hong Kong, Sha Tin Plaza advantageously has undergone major renovations. It now has footbridges connecting both, the plaza and center that leads to Sha Tin MTR Bus Station. The place has ample space for parking while you shop at your favorite outlets. It squares around 260,000 sq. ft. and proudly fills its two arcades with more than hundred international brand outlets that have a wide range of products to offer from the latest fashion to electronics.

The best way to head to Sha Tin Plaza is by MTR. MTR East Rail line via Exit A directly lands into the mall. However, the routes are quite better scheduled with Green Mini Buses.

Things To Do at the Plaza

Sha Tin Plaza is not only about shopping the heart out but also making the most of the trip with the amazing entertainment activities and amusing places. Here’s what you must do when roaming at this place:

Hypnotizing, Mesmerizing Sight of 10,000 Buddha

Reaching the Buddha isn’t easy but this is the ultimate place to energize the mind with its silent and peaceful environment. Also, a very good place for hikers and adventure lovers.

Snoopy World

If you’re a Snoopy fan, this is your ultimate destination. Totally free and easily accessible from the MTR, Snoopy World provides a nice and warm family time in its character themed small park and a good sight to make memories with photography and entertainment activities.

Sha Tin Park

A well maintained, peaceful and refreshing hidden gem with a mix of greens and cold breeze is a good place to sit and kill time in the fragrance of good trees, fish pond, fountain, and flowers. The park has a picturesque bike trail and a gleaming sight of locals singing and dancing.


Sha Tin Plaza is beefed up with the traditional cuisine houses in and out. You can never ignore the aroma in the air which gets the tourists attracted towards the doors. You will find a number of famous restaurants and dessert options to satisfy hungry bellies on the trip. Some famous ones include Pizza Express, Oliver’s Super Sandwiches, and Simplylife etc.

So pick up your keys and head out this weekend to the plaza and have an amazing time. For similar blogs, click here.

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